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Trade Services Update Data Base Added to @GlobalTrade Platform as Complimentary Service

Toronto, Canada, December 20, 2017 – GlobalTrade Corporation (GTC) has announced today that Trade Services Update (TSU) Data Base has been added to its @GlobalTrade™ Multi-bank Trade Finance Platform. Existing users of @GlobalTrade™ will be granted complimentary one-year subscription to the knowledge base service.

TSU is an online journal and searchable data base focused on the subject of payment instruments used in international trade. Founded in 1999 the data base consists of thousands of articles written by the top minds of the trade services industry. The data base is updated quarterly by over 70 experts in trade finance lead by Editor in Chief Kim Sindberg.

About Trade Services Update

Founded in 1999 Trade Services Update (TSU) is the only electronic journal and searchable data base in the world devoted to the subject of payment instruments used in international trade. The journal is published quarterly and is distributed free to registered readers. The searchable data base is made available to paid subscribers. Practical knowledge and understanding is required in handling letters of credit and other payment instruments used in international trade. The existing Incoterms, UCP, URC, URDG, ISP, ISBP, publications from ICC provide rules and guidelines but still there are many unanswered questions. When rules are updated new problems arise and continuing education is required. Now more than ever timely information is needed to succeed and prevent problems before they occur. The purpose of TSU is to share knowledge gained from practical experience. Our Editors are comprised of top professionals from around the globe who handle documentary credits, standby letters of credit, bank guarantees, documentary collections, and surrounding legal issues on a daily basis. By reading the publication you will learn from their experience, case studies and creative problem-solving techniques. For more information see

About GTC

GlobalTrade Corporation (GTC) is a software developer and application service provider whose product solutions improve the world of trade finance and trade services. The @GlobalTrade systems help buyers, sellers, traders, and financial institutions communicate faster and more efficiently while reducing risk and improving monitoring and control. Their customers include both business enterprises that need consolidated access to multiple banks as well as financial institutions that require supply chain finance solutions to meet their clients' needs. @GlobalTrade™ is a registered trademark of GlobalTrade Corporation. For more information please visit

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