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Leadership Team

Jacob Katsman
Chairman & CEO

Jacob Katsman is Chairman & CEO of GlobalTrade Corporation since 2002. Previously, he was CEO of CCEWeb Corp. Before that, Jacob was Director of Finance at Midland Metals, and managed trading companies in Asia, Canada, and Europe with B&B Trading International Corp. Jacob is a recognized expert on international trade. His book, How to Make Money Without Money: The Art of Transferable Letters of Credit and Assignments of Proceeds is regarded as a standard guide to the practical use of letters of credit in trade finance. Since 1999, he has been the Managing Editor of L/C Monitor,a legal financial journal covering practical aspects of payment instruments in international trade.


Nick Pachnev

Nick Pachnev co-founded GlobalTrade Corporation with Jacob Katsman and currently serves as its Chief Technology Officer. He previously was President & CFO of CCEWeb Corp. Before that, he was Financial Director of a North American automotive distributor. Nick is responsible for the design and implementation of @GlobalTrade products and services and is the co-founder of the L/C Monitor, company’s Trade Finance publication. Nick studied Robotics Engineering at the Moscow Technical University and has a Business Administration degree from York University in Toronto.


David Jack
Vice President, Development

David Jack has been with GlobalTrade Corporation since 2002 and previously served as Vice President of CCEWeb Corp. David is responsible for customer support and network administration. He also runs the e-commerce business of the L/C Monitor and International Trade & Banking Institute . David holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Brock University in Ontario, Canada.


Sergey Rodovinsky
Head of Integration Services

Sergey Rodovinsky has been with GlobalTrade Corporation since 2006. Sergey is responsible for integration of @GlobalTrade systems. He has over 16 years of experience working with financial, investment, insurance, and government information systems. Prior to joining GlobalTrade Sergey provided his technology expertise to Canada Pension Plan (CPP IB) by delivering data management architectural solutions as well as managing vendor relations, Municipal Property Assessment Corporation of Ontario by developing a portal architecture and integrating the solution that served over 4 Million households. Sergey worked at SwissRe (second largest reinsurance company) building underwriting and claim processing systems. He has consulted with government of Ontario: Ministry of Natural Resources, Ministry of Economic Development , and Ministry of Finance building information systems that supported vital government functions. Sergey has worked with Greater Toronto Airport Authority building and integrating restricted area access system. He has delivered a reengineered portal for Canadian Depository for Securities. Sergey holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems Engineering and a minor in Industrial Management from Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.


Roman Jovner
Enterprise / System Architect

Roman has been with GlobalTrade Corporation since 2006. His IT experience spans over 14 years providing services for major IT, Government and Financial organizations. His main responsibilities as Enterprise Architect are to build and maintain a holistic view of the organization’s strategy, processes, information, and information technology assets as well as to ensure that the business and IT are in alignment and working towards achieving common goals in an efficient, agile and adaptable way. Prior to joining GlobalTrade Corp Roman provided his technical expertise in various leading architectural and Development roles to such companies as The Dominion Insurance of Canada, SwissRe Insurance, CIT Financial, GTAA (Pearson Airport), IBM Canada, GE Information Services, CDS (Canadian Depository for Securities), Ministry of Natural Resources, Ministry of Correctional facilities, etc. Roman graduated with honors from Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology.


Arbab Khan
Head of Quality Assurance

Arbab Khan is Head of Quality Assurance of GlobalTrade Corporation since 2005. Arbab is responsible for quality assurance of @GlobalTrade products and services. He previously served as Business Analyst with Financial Network Services Sydney Australia (currently TATA Consultancy Services). He also occupied key IT positions with Standard Chartered Bank and Australia New Zealand Banking Group Ltd. Arbab holds Master Degree in Computer Sciences.


Stephen Andersen
Director of Professional Services

Stephen Andersen has joined the GlobalTrade team in 2008 as Director of Professional Services. In this role, Stephen is responsible for new account implementation as well as existing professional services activities. Prior to joining GlobalTrade Stephen worked in Trade Finance at RBC. Stephen holds a Computer Science degree from University of Toronto.